The first system to wash, sanitize and dry the personal protective equipment for X-ray.

CLEANiRad™ is the washing system designed by Sago Medica allowing the washing, disinfection and drying of PPE against x-ray.

  • Traceability of the washings of PPE

  • Suitable for aprons and accessories (collars, etc.).

  • Customizable washing programs

  • Dedicated line of cleaner and sanitizer

  • Easy installation

  • Designed for small spaces


Traceability of every processing cycle.

At the end of each complete wash and dry cycle of the PPE integrated with the iRadPro Map® INSIDE technology, CLEANiRad™ can transfer the data collected directly to the dedicated managing software iRadPro MaP®.





Customizable washing programs

Its high versatility gives you the possibility of choosing different personalized wash cycles.

The detergent NEATiX™ and the disinfectant SANiIT™ assure the correct functionality of the CLEANiRad™ for an ideal washing and disinfecting procedure.


Easy InstallationInstallClenirad

CLEANiRad™ can be used in a relatively reduced space. A dedicated area with water supply, water drain and electrical power are needed, like any normal washing machine.

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