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Our company was founded in Emilia Romagna, a region traditionally linked to the field of emergency health care. We grew up together with this sector, we started offering the first products in 1990. Today we represent the best companies in the field - we work throughout the country, we have introduced new technologies and designed innovative services.

Increase the health safety of medical staff reducing the risk of infection. The isolation stretcher STISOL system is a negative pressure operated MEDICAL DEVICE ready-to-use, developed and fully manufactured in Italy. This system has been designed for the isolation of that patients afflicted by highly infectious or contagious diseases, and realized to offer maximum microbiological […]

Sago Medica offers management projects for mass casualty incidents custom made according to specific customer requirements. Our project involves the management and the choice of the most suitable materials and compliant with current regulations on the emergency. The containment of this material is entrusted to the specially designed trailers. The right choice Choosing a trailer […]

Use your head, not your back! Motorized Device to Load/Unload stretchers and patients without risk of injuries to the patient or the operator. The technically advanced and patented system that eliminates the risk of back injuries derived from lifting heavy weights. In accordance with European Norms. Compatible with all self-loading stretchers on the market. Can […]

The ready solution to deal with an event of Mass Casualty Incidents, efficiently and safely. Extra-hospital triage Directly on the site of the disaster or of the emergency, with the help of medical, paramedical and rescue means that together constitute the Advanced Medical Post, the first line of aid to the casualties. Intra-hospital triage It […]

Why it is important to activate early defibrillation projects According to world literature deaths from cardiovascular disease is the largest cause of death of the population, much of which can be attributed to sudden death by cardiac arrest (1 person per 1000 inhabitants per year). International studies show that the only effective therapy for sudden […]

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