The most effective solutions

We distribute only the most trusted technology for safeguarding of Health. We are always looking for the most innovative products to offer solutions to the healthcare sector of high quality and competence.

After-sales service

Thanks to our team of experts engineers and qualified technicians trained and authorized by manufacturers, we take care of service, maintenance and repair of products distributed on the whole national territory.


We organize specialized courses focused on the application techniques of the products, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and in accordance with international guidelines. “The product is only the first of our services”

Our healtcare solutions

Emergency Medical Devices

  • Ventilation and suction
  • Defibrillation and monitoring
  • Immobilization's devices
  • Stretchers and loading platforms
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Oxygen therapy and respiratory devices
  • Pharmacy and medications
  • Small instruments for diagnostics
  • Triage and special equipments for rescue
  • Management software

Ausili per la cura, la movimentazione e il trasporto dei pazienti

  • Sollevamento del Paziente, fisso e mobile
  • Trasferimento e Posizionamento del Paziente
  • Lavaggio assistito del Paziente
  • Prono–Supinazione del Paziente
  • Trasporto intra-ospedaliero

Radiation protection, diagnostic imaging and operating theater

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against ionizing radiations
  • PPE's Management, Disinfection and Test
  • Mobile Interventional Radiology
  • Medical-grade Wireless Full HD Video Technology
  • HD Multi-modality Surgical Displays
  • Diagnostic and Clinical Displays
  • Medical PCs
  • Blood, Liquid and Patient Warming Systems

Corsi di formazione all’utilizzo dei prodotti

  • Corsi BLS / BLSD
  • Corsi sulle tecniche di TRIAGE e gestione di Maxi-Emergenze
  • Corso di formazione alle tecniche di radioprotezione
  • Corso sulle tecniche di movimentazione dei carichi

Technical Assistance Services and After-sales Support

  • Full-risk maintenance contracts
  • Ordinary and preventive maintenance contracts

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