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Full range of anti rx PPE with unique technological characteristics Ergonomically designed – Designed to be worn for long periods Cleanable and sterilizable Provided with certificate of characterization (on request) Designed to be repaired Innovative shielding materials Electronic tag with identification data registered Traceable Designed to be easily disposed of  

The iRadProMaP informatic system is… EFFECTIVE It increases safety and ensures the management of PPE for radiation X The iRadPro MaP® interactive software created by Sago Medica, allows you to dynamically manage your PPE inventory — keeping traceability, integrity and number of wash and disinfection cycles updated. EFFICIENT Improves Services and optimizes resources. Manage electronic […]

The first system to wash, sanitize and dry the personal protective equipment for X-ray. CLEANiRad is the washing system designed by Sago Medica allowing the washing, disinfection and drying of PPE against x-ray. Traceability of the washings of PPE Suitable for aprons and accessories (collars, etc.). Customizable washing programs Dedicated line of cleaner and sanitizer […]

  The first system of PPE quality control and protection level inspection EXAMiRad is a portable tester designed to carry out quality control and protection level inspections on your radiological PPE. The method used in the tests carried out, according to the type of verification needed, is based on the study of x-ray interaction on […]

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