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Dedicated to the safeguard of Health

We are an Italian company that since 1989 is passionately committed to spreading technology and services for the healthcare sector.

Our strength is represented by the sharing of goals and the belief that in today’s and tomorrow’s market the success depends on the team, the planning and the development of new ideas that solve customer’s needs.

“Since our birth we are known and characterized as a company capable of innovating”

Entrusting ourselves to our passion, we have made major technological innovations that have become part of the daily activities of those who work on the front lines:

  • The first automated external defibrillator (AED)

  • The first Ventilator with voice guidance.

  • The first and most widely used Triage management system Extra and Intra Hospital.

  • The first and most widespread project for health emergencies in airports.

  • The first and most widespread disposable device for emergency oxygen therapy.


Our ideas to strengthen and build our future.

Not only do we continuously seek in the international market the most trusted partners to spread the most advanced technologies, but we transform our ideas into concrete and innovative solutions. These products are the result of close collaboration with the customer, which is always a key aspect of our way of working.

“Our secret?
We listen to the customer’s needs


The strength of the widespread distribution

The strength of our company is reflected in the extensive coverage of the country by an organized network of professionals and retailers and an active cooperation of international partners.


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The business management system is constantly maintained in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001.
A quality standard that we have always achieved to guarantee our reliable and competent service

The added value of Certification “ 


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