The first system of PPE quality control and protection level inspection

EXAMiRad is a portable tester designed to carry out quality control and protection level inspections on your radiological PPE.

The method used in the tests carried out, according to the type of verification needed, is based on the study of x-ray interaction on defused scattering rays and on direct rays; with energy levels that can be set from 40Kv to 120Kv, according to the background conditions necessary for verification and requested by the Customer.





Periodic monitoring of good condition

To verify and monitor the good condition of the PPE’s radioprotective layer.

Control protection level

To know the actual level of x-ray’s reduction of PPE in use.



Software managed quality control inspection

When testing has been carried out on the existing radiological PPE with the iRadPro Map® INSIDE technology, EXAMiRad transfers the data collected to be managed by the  iRadPro MaP® software.


In-Loco with our EXAMiRad Customer Service

You can rent our EXAMiRad machinery to carry out all the necessary analysis in your facilities and, in agreement with your dedicated offices, our specialized technician will carry out the operations requested. 


EXAMiRad  Customer Service

  • Verify PPE integrity inspection and/or protection level

  • Verify insertion of PPE Tags

  • iRadPro MaP® Software

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