iRadProMaP – Manage the PPE against X Ray

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The iRadProMaP informatic system is…


It increases safety and ensures the management of PPE for radiation X

The iRadPro MaP® interactive software created by Sago Medica, allows you to dynamically manage your PPE inventory — keeping traceability, integrity and number of wash and disinfection cycles updated.


Improves Services and optimizes resources.

  • Manage electronic radiological PPE archives

  • Simple and quick reorder of supplies or disposal of worn pieces.

  • Reconstruct the history of all existing radiological PPE or of new purchases (wash cycles, inspetions, status, ecc.)

  • Document with data base facts annual economic needs.

COMPLETEcamici in linea

All the functions for a real management of PPE.

  • Nominal assignment of each PPE documented.

  • Traceability of all PPE.

  • History of the life cycle of all PPE.

  • Computerized management of reordering and disposal of PPE



Remote access from any PC.

Software extremely intuitive and developed to be accessed from the most common web browsers so as to facilitate use from any available PC station without having to carry out installments on site..


Centralized updates.

The web-based feature of iRadPro MAP® allows you to rely on a system always updated.


Complete users management

Customization of user privileges for safe and controlled accesses to the system.

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